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Printer Reviews Top Printers For Home Office

Printer Reviews Top Printers For Home Office

For business owners, office equipment, you can not do without, and it is a great printer. Now that the three home office in a Canon printer. This is my printer reviewed three of the printer for a home office. Sometimes it is not easy to choose the best printer in the office. You want a fax, or not? Do not write speed and energy efficiency are important? For me it is good that progress in the fax and printer. In my opinion this is the reason why your office printer. Canon PIXMA MX870, MX350, MX340 wireless printers and everything is great. You can start at any place for people to gain access. All printers must get the code editing and printing PDF files.

analysis on each of three printers.

Canon PIXMA MX870 Printer:

well is 9600 x 2400 dpi in color. Ideal for business documents and photographs. He has collaborated with a free ink system includes four textile-based ink black ink. Free ink system can replace only the ink that goes to save money. Has the advantage of printing and copying on both sides of the paper without rotating the paper. No doubt, saves time and lots of paper. Another interesting thing is that the two paper feed path. You can load either before or behind the printer. Print speed is a little slow in my opinion. It takes 30-40 seconds to first page of the newspaper and one minute for a total of 3.5 pages and magazines. What do I know if the delay between pages.

Canon PIXMA MX350 printer:

decision of this machine is 12006 x 4800 dpi color good. Canon Full-photolithography why call using Inkjet Nozzle Engineering. It is ideal for printing documents and photos. It uses two ink cartridges. A black cartridge for text quality depth. cartridges other colors. Both are very easy to replace. By uploading your photo, the printer automatically sends images in five styles. If any of these images will open the printer has the ability to adjust the image automatically. Print speed is also good for the machine with a speed of 5.7 pages per minute.

Canon PIXMA MX340 printer:

This printer is an excellent result in 4800 x 12006 dpi color MX350. Engineering also uses a Canon inkjet fully photolithography nose. 5.8 pages per minute, this printer is very fast. What are three of them are common to them.

Built-in wireless

Built-in Ethernet

Super G3 fax

Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0

Energy Star qualified

My assessment is the office printer 3 printer at home. Depending on what you like, start at the office, we see that the MX340 MX350 printer, it is. All of this fast printing speed and determination, and it is contrary to U.S. $ 15. MX870 are the best results. As you print multiple charts to show the color can be one. The ink was cheaper long.

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