Sunday, 22 April 2012

Printer Reviews Large Format

Printer Reviews Large Format

Reviews of large format printers will help those who are interested to get the most for your personal or commercial. Known as the large format printer can produce up to "100 print width. Is basically used to create posters, banners and posters for business or personal use. Read more on some models, you may want to check.

A. A manufacturer claims that many people know and love you Xerox Xerox 8290. This system can produce prints with a minimum of 24 "and maximum 90". Self-adhesive vinyl, vinyl banners outside and put the tissue in the medium used when printing on this model. Xerox8290 print speeds of 170 to 215 square feet / hour. copy complemented it in or out. Print quality is very clear. Is the environment and therefore is not only available but also healthy.

Two. Stylus Pro 3800 - writes a lot of good reviews on their lists. This is because it is good when it comes to performance. Can be "x22" 17 newspapers. Despite being one of the least expensive and an Epson large format can still be seen as too expensive. It costs about $ 1300, are generally lower. If it is, you can stay for sale if you want to buy a printer model.

Three. Large printers are expensive, typically $ 10,000 as the HP DesignJet 5500uv (60). This way you can be 60 "X300" publication. newspaper production in very high-end specification. If you want cheap, do not expect a new one. The measures also found $ 200 on eBay. Alternatively, you can buy cheap ads or want to spend close to your area. Reviews of large format printers will help you decide whether you want to buy a new HP DesignJet 5500uv unit.

3 mentioned above are some of the large format printers now. Do not forget that you still have other examples can be seen. Read comments on a number of large format printers to find other models. Remember, if you see a particular model you want, read the reviews about it first. This is to ensure you get the best value for money.

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